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Internet Marketing Companies

Why Worry about Traffic when you can be focusing on Quality leads and Phone Calls?

Don’t grade your marketing success on your website traffic & don’t “guess” how many leads you are getting from your website… track the number of leads & phone calls you receive! BullsEye Internet Marketing is accountable because you can see/hear every phone call you get from us!

WE WILL get your phones to ring with quality leads!

Internet Marketing Companies

If other Internet Marketing Companies are so successful then why do they require long term contracts?

BullsEye does not believe in having our clients sign long term contracts — our clients stay with us for years because they are making money! In fact, over time, we get our clients more phone calls with the same amount of marketing budget.

Internet Marketing Companies

If Digital Marketing Companies are going to get you successful results then how can they have so many clients in the same exact industry in the same geographic region?

We only work with one company per industry per geographic area which gives our clients a competitive advantage. This is one way we ensure that our clients get a very profitable return on their investment! Ask our competitors how many clients in the same exact industry and region they work with.

Internet Marketing Companies

Why use different companies for your Internet Marketing needs?

BullsEye Internet Marketing offers its clients One-Stop Shopping. Having the expertise to handle all of your Internet Marketing needs allows us to make a personalized marketing plan to ensure we are getting you the biggest return on your investment possible! We get our clients more phone calls from prospective new clients for less money compared to any other form of paid advertising (including other Internet Marketing Companies).

Internet Marketing Companies

Ever feel like you are a collection agency because you have to chase down your marketing agency just to get a simple answer?

Time and time again we hear our clients complain how they could never get a hold of their previous Internet Marketing Company and when they did they would get the wrong answers! We are known for our impeccable customer service. We always return phone calls within one business day but honestly the majority of the time it will be much sooner than that.

The advertising experts

Ever Feel like you are throwing money out of the window with other advertising agencies?

BullsEye Internet Marketing is here to help! We are experts at figuring out how to get the biggest return investment for our clients. We NEVER use a cookie cutter approach ensuring we can come up with marketing plans that are best suited for each client. We take the time to personally get to know our potential clients and ask them tons of questions to understand all the important information about their business. We then come up with a personalized plan to market their business and will tell them ahead of time how many estimated leads they can expect and how much money this will cost them.