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Domain names are much more important than you may realize – especially when your business’s digital presence is on the line. Your domain name becomes your company’s digital identity, and it has the power to make your business incredibly recognizable or sadly forgotten.

You can launch your website with the right domain name and proper registration. While many businesses leave the naming and registering of their domain as an afterthought, it is one of the most critical building blocks of your digital marketing strategy.

Why Does Your Business’s Website Need A Domain Name?

A domain name is a fancy term for your company’s website address. It is what your customers will type into their web browser’s search bar when they want to access your website directly. Domain names are like fingerprints – every single one must be unique. After all, if two sites share the same domain name, it might confuse web users.

Why do domain names matter so much? Having a domain name places your company in the same online market as your biggest rivals and instantly gives it legitimacy. It conveys a sense of seriousness and makes you appear more professional to internet customers and shoppers. It also makes it simpler to find your business online.

Your domain name needs to tell your company story at first glance. But did you know that, on average, website visitors will decide in under ten seconds whether to do business with your company or not? That is where we come in. Bullseye is an expert at selecting the right domain for your target audience.

Need Help Choosing Your Company’s Domain Name?

That’s what the experts at BullsEye Internet Marketing are here for!

We know that many small business owners aren’t familiar with (and usually don’t have the time to learn) the ins and outs of digital marketing – and we don’t blame you. But, unfortunately, there is a lot to learn! For example, most people don’t even realize that the domain name they choose for their business significantly impacts how well they reach their customers and prospects online.

At BullsEye Internet Marketing, our team works with your business to determine its most effective domain name. With the right domain name, your site is:

  • Easier to find
  • More reputable
  • Consistent with your company’s branding

As a small business owner, we know you are busy ensuring your business continues to grow and thrive. The last thing you should need to worry about is picking a name for your website when there are plenty of other things on your list.

If you’re ready to boost sales and increase your phone calls with your new websites, reach out to us today! We offer a free consultation to our new clients to learn more about their business and how we can help them ace their digital marketing.

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Why You Need To Select The Right Domain Name

You shouldn’t choose or register your domain name in a hurry. It is an effective search and marketing technique that should bring customers to your website. It is essential to consider all options carefully because this could be your most crucial choice as you create a space for your business on the Internet.

Domain name selection is crucial for many reasons, including:

  • Providing visibility for your business
  • Adding professional credibility to your brand
  • Establishing your business’s digital reputation
  • Developing mobility for your business across web platforms
  • Increasing your search engine ranking
  • Enhancing your company’s marketability

Our experts develop a deep understanding of your business so we can determine the best domain name for your company’s website. With the right domain name, your business’s digital marketing opportunities soar! We ensure your domain name is SEO-optimized and laser-focused on increasing conversions.

Selecting The Right Domain Name Is Only The First Step

Registering a name on the Internet for a specific amount of time, often one year, is known as domain name registration. You should know that this domain will only be yours for as long as you renew it. However, you cannot buy a domain name in perpetuity.

The fact that a domain name registration provides you with individuality and a recognizable identity is what’s most significant. In addition, you and your company will appear more professional if you have your domain name, website, and email accounts.

Businesses also register their domain to safeguard their trademarks and copyrights, establish credibility, raise brand recognition, and improve search engine rankings.

How BullsEye Internet Marketing Helps You Select And Register Your Business’s Domain

We offer full-service domain selection and registration services. First, we choose a domain name that perfectly fits your business. Then, we register the domain to your business, which means no one else can claim it for business or personal use as long as it is registered to you!

How Do We Register Your Domain?

We believe in using only the most trusted programs for our clients. After all, we are here to ensure your safety and success online. So, we use GoDaddy for all our client’s domain registration needs!

As an authorized reseller for GoDaddy, we can offer our clients many significant benefits when choosing and reserving their domain names. These include:

Better Prices!

Because we work hand-in-hand with GoDaddy, we can offer our clients some of the best prices. Unfortunately, if your company seeks an in-demand domain name, you’ll likely have to pay more. However, we can provide our clients with better prices thanks to our partnership with GoDaddy.

Fantastic Domain Selection

GoDaddy has a vast and incredible selection of domain names but searching through them all to find the right one takes time and a deep knowledge of how to find the right one for your company. We find our clients the perfect domain name to save time, effort, and energy on this crucial aspect of their digital marketing.

Domain Name Renewals

It’s essential to keep track of your domain name expiration date to avoid losing your website. BullsEye Internet Marketing provides domain name monitoring services for our clients to make sure that they never accidentally let their domains expire.

How Can You Get Started?

We make it easy for you to select and register your domain name!

We offer our clients a complimentary consultation! This quick consultation lets us learn more about your business, digital presence, and marketing expectations. So contact us today to get started!

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