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Are local customers finding your business online? If not, learn more about Google My Business management services from BullsEye Internet Marketing.

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97% of all searches for services and products (the same type you provide!) start online. That means if you’re not showing up on Google, potential customers looking for what you offer have no choice but to call your competitors.

At BullsEye Internet Marketing, we are not ok with you losing out! That is why we offer Google My Business Management to help you show up on the first page, stand out among the crowd, and finally have that phone ring!

No website? no problem! We can build a simple website quickly within your Google My Business Profile.

If you’re ready to hear from more potential customers

Why Choose Google My Business

With our GMB Management service, we have a proven approach to help you rank higher and more consistently. We want to get you to the top and keep you there!

Businesses that rank higher have the proven ability to attract more attention (because they’re more visible) and convert more leads (because showing up higher establishes more trust).

But just showing up and getting clicks isn’t enough. In fact, traffic doesn’t always equal dollars. At BullsEye Internet Marketing, we track actual calls and conversions in real-time. We want to know that your marketing investment has made you money in as little time as possible (many clients notice more calls in their very first month)!

Here’s a sneak peek at our process for Google My Business Management:


We start with a free initial consultation to ask questions and dig deep into your business and goals.


Next, we take the time to research your competition and understand your industry. We specialize in building strategies that will help you stand out!


Now that we know your goals and understand the competition, we’ll create a custom solution to ensure you can make money from your marketing investment.

What’s Included in GMB Management?

Our GMB Management service includes everything you need for success. Below are a few key ways we help you grow using your Google My Business listing.

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What Makes Us  Different?

At BullsEye Internet Marketing, we will be honest about what we can and can’t do. Too many GMB agencies promise the world but can’t deliver even the simplest of results. That’s why we’ll tell you what to expect upfront, complete with your expected increase in phone calls or sales. We’ll also be open if we determine we can’t achieve a profitable ROI for you and your business.

We started our business in 2006, and we’ve stayed successful because we know what we’re doing and continue to get results for our clients. In fact, unlike other digital marketing agencies, we don’t require long-term contracts that lock you in whether we perform or not. Instead, we keep our clients because they find significant value in what we do for their business.

Another way we serve our clients is by only working with one company per industry per geographic area. This unique approach gives our clients a huge competitive advantage because we can focus exclusively on getting them to the top, whether in the U.S., Canada or the UK!

We offer world-class customer service for our clients! We constantly surprise them by being extremely responsive to questions and needs. It is not unusual for our team to respond even after hours because we want our clients to know they are the priority!

Need More?  You got it!

BullsEye Internet Marketing is a Google AdWords Certified Partner, which means we know what we’re doing when it comes to Google.



What is a Google My Business Profile?

Google has renamed Google My Business (or GMB) to Google Business Profile. The functionality (and importance) is the same as is our Google Business Profile Management service.


Have questions? Click here or call (954) 833-7365.

What if I have a Google My Business Profile – is GMB Management still right for me?

Absolutely. If you’re not ranking at the top of the search results, we can help. Most of our clients have a GMB listing, but it hasn’t been updated or optimized in a way that generates phone calls for their business. With our expertise, we can turn what you started into something that helps your phone ring more often and leads to more conversations with potential customers!

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