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Google Local Services Ads for Childcare Businesses

As a childcare provider, you know that incoming calls from parents looking for your services are one of the most effective ways to grow. But how does your business show up in front of the right people at the right time? Most often, the answer is online. 

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Google Local Services Ads

More than 95% of people looking for products or services start by going to search engines like Google. That’s why at BullsEye Internet Marketing, we focus on helping our clients show up and stand out!

If you’re looking for daycare advertisement or childcare advertisement options, then you must consider Google Local Services Ads. These highly sought-after ads are cost-effective (because they’re pay-per-lead, not pay-per-click) and successful because they give you the highest possible visibility online!

What’s the downside? These ads require more steps to begin and are only available to certain types of businesses. Fortunately, as a childcare provider, your business is eligible under the care category.

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Why Use BullsEye Internet Marketing to Manage Your Childcare and Daycare Ads?

Our clients come to BullsEye Internet Marketing to get the best return on their Google Local Services Ads. They also want to spend time talking to parents who need their services, not stressing about daycare ads management. 

The specialists at our agency have decades of experience and a long track record of success managing daycare advertisement and childcare advertisement campaigns. And we use call and conversion tracking so you can see the benefit of your daycare ads in no time!

Here’s a behind-the-scenes preview of our approach to advertising for childcare businesses.

Step 1 – The first step is a free initial consultation so we can assess and review your goals.

Step 2 – Next, we begin to research your competition and design a unique strategy to help you stand out!

Step 3 – Finally, once we have reviewed your goals and competition, we create a custom solution to maximize your ad results.

What’s Included in our Local Services Ads for Childcare Businesses?

In short, everything you need to be successful! We help your business stand out so you get more calls from potential customers quickly.

Below are some of the ways we increase your visibility (and results) with Google Local Services Ads.

Profile Audit

Google Local Ads require a business profile, so whether you’ve started one before or have to create it from scratch, we can help! Our process includes navigating each step with our client, from uploading basic information and images to completing the complicated license, background, and insurance checks.

Campaign Setup

Automatic ad previews are generated through Google’s AI option, but we don’t recommend clicking accept too fast. Our team goes a step further to help you stand out, so we take a hands-on approach to add customization (and enhance your results)!


Optimization for daycare ads is critical to ensure the best outcomes. Our team monitors client campaigns frequently (sometimes daily) to actively increase what’s working well and adjust what’s not. We also manage any lead disputes that can arise, reducing your time and money spent on unqualified leads.

Reputation Management

Like in the real world, a strong online reputation can help grow your business. Being responsive and collecting five-star reviews are great policies, but they can also increase how often your ads are displayed. We help our clients take advantage of all ad-boosting opportunities, including adding trust-builders like Google badges.

Business Growth

We work exclusively with childcare businesses that we know can benefit from partnering with BullsEye Internet Marketing. Our commitment is a primary reason we track metrics that matter to you – like calls and sales that show actual growth!

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What Makes BullsEye Internet Marketing Different?

    One of the most significant differences in our agency is the commitment to integrity. We never make over-the-top promises that sound too good to be true (because they are)l. We treat you with respect and convey exactly what to expect from your marketing investment – including the anticipated boost in calls and sales! If we’re not the right fit, we’ll be upfront about that too!

    BullsEye Internet Marketing opened in 2006, and we continue to grow today because of the exceptional results we deliver for our clients. We’re so confident in our ability to help you show up that we don’t require long-term contracts that hold you hostage for years. Our clients stay with us because they see (and love) the results!

    Additionally, we only work with one company per industry per geographic area, which means you have a significant advantage over the competition. When you are a BullsEye Internet Marketing client, we focus exclusively on improving your visibility, whether in the U.S., Canada, or the UK!

    Finally, you can expect world-class customer service if you work with our team. We are super responsive, often surprising our clients with quick replies to questions, even after hours. That’s because clients are the top priority above anything else!

    Need more? You got it!

    BullsEye Internet Marketing is a Google AdWords Certified Partner. We understand how to maximize childcare and daycare ads and increase your visibility on the world’s most popular search engine!