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Google Local Service Ads for Financial Services

Financial planning and tax service are highly competitive industries, which means effective tax and financial planner digital advertising is tough to navigate. And yet, we know that almost 100% of people searching for products and services start online, so tough or not, it’s essential!

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Google Local Services Ads

Fortunately, there is a unique, exclusive option that is highly effective (and leading the way in tax and financial planner advertising). That option is Google Local Services Ads. These ads are different because they are pay-per-lead (not pay-per-click) and are displayed at the top of search results (above organic and other paid options). 

Google Local Services Ads are only available to specific business types, including home, business, health, learning, care, and wellness. As a professional in the tax or finance industry, you’re eligible under the business category!

 If you’re ready to utilize the best tax and financial planner advertising available,  click here or call (954) 833-7365 for a free consultation.

Why Use BullsEye Internet Marketing For Google Ads as a Tax Specialist or Financial Planner?

Tax specialists and financial planners are experts in their field, and they want to spend time helping new clients, not handling ad campaigns. That’s why our team provides a valuable service to manage tax and financial planner advertising solutions, like Google Ads, that deliver maximum results!

Our knowledgeable people have decades of experience (and client success stories). We have managed local services campaigns since they started, so we know how to maximize Google ads for your business. At BullsEye Internet Marketing, we oversee every detail for our clients and track calls and conversions so you can easily see the value we bring to your bottom line!

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at our Google Local Services Ads process.

Step 1 – We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your specific marketing goals.

Step 2 – We go to work to research your local competition and design a strategy that is unique for your business (and will help you stand out)!

Step 3 – We create a custom solution to maximize your Google Ads results!

What’s Included in our Local Ad Service for Tax Specialists or Financial Planners?

Our local ad services include everything you need to get results! Our goal is to get your phone ringing as quickly as possible with potential clients. To do that, we help your business show up and stand out! 

Below is some of what we do to boost your visibility using tax specialist and financial planner digital advertising!

Profile Audit

Before you can run Google Local Services Ads, you have to set up a profile. We help our clients complete this step from scratch or using a profile they may have created in the past. Our team will work with you through every step, whether choosing the best images, updating basic business information, or completing the strict background, license, and insurance checks.

Campaign Setup

Google uses AI to generate local services ads with information from your profile. At BullsEye Internet Marketing, we know that generic details won’t stand out, so we take a hands-on approach to customize each ad detail, boosting your visibility and conversions!


Optimization is critical for any marketing strategy, especially ads. Our team will never set it and forget it! Instead, we frequently (often daily) monitor our client’s ads to maximize what’s working and adjust what’s not. We also navigate lead disputes on your behalf, which can cost you valuable time and dollars. 

Reputation Management

Google is paying attention to your online reputation, specifically how quickly you respond to inquiries and your positive (and negative) reviews. The better your reputation, the more your ads are shown! Our team helps you take advantage of any credibility boosters, including collecting more reviews and adding Google’s seal of approval by getting Google Screened.

Business Growth

We only work with tax specialists and financial planners that we believe will see a positive return on their investment. When you succeed, we succeed, so we track calls and sales that represent valuable growth, not miscellaneous metrics!

Do you want the best tax and financial planner advertising? Schedule your free consultation! and ask us about Google ads management!


Click here or call (954) 833-7365 to get started.

What Makes Us Different?

    One of the most significant differences you’ll notice at BullsEye Internet Marketing is our commitment to integrity. We don’t promise over-the-top results that are too good to be true. Instead, we tell you (before we start) exactly what to expect – down to the anticipated jump in calls and sales! If we’re not the best fit, we’ll be honest about that too!

     We started in 2006 and have stayed successful because of the results we get for our clients. We’re so confident in our abilities that we don’t require long-term contracts that force you to pay whether or not you get value. Our clients stay with us because they are thrilled with the success we help them achieve!

    Additionally, we only work with one company per industry per geographic area. We make this commitment because it ensures you’ll have a significant advantage over your local competition. When we work with you, we focus exclusively on boosting your visibility, whether in the U.S., Canada, or the UK!

    Lastly, we deliver world-class customer service. We pride ourselves on being highly responsive (even after hours). That’s because our clients are always our top priority!

    Need more? You got it!

    BullsEye Internet Marketing is a Google AdWords Certified Partner, which means we know how to effectively use local ads – the best tax and financial planner advertising option – to boost your visibility on the world’s most popular search engine!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I market myself as a financial advisor?

    You can use many marketing options to promote your business and grow your visibility, including local SEO, pay-per-click ads, Google Local Services Ads, and more. 

    At BullsEye Internet Marketing, we offer a free consultation to assess the best options and create a custom solution for your business. Click here or call (954) 833-7365 to request an appointment today!

    Why is marketing important for financial advisors?

    Effective marketing is critical to growing your online presence because it is where 97% are searching for businesses like yours. However, financial planning is highly competitive, making it difficult for professionals to stand out. 

    At BullsEye Internet Marketing, we understand the challenges of financial planner digital advertising, and we work with our clients to create custom solutions that help them gain visibility, credibility, and more calls and sales. If you want a free consultation with our team, click here or call (954) 833-7365

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