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Google Local Service Ads

Most business owners understand that getting in front of more potential customers can help them grow exponentially. And that the best place to get in front of those people is online! 

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Google Local Services Ads

If you’re in the healthcare service industry, finding new customers can be time-consuming, expensive and pull you away from serving your patients. But with almost 100% of people starting their search for new products or services online, having a robust digital presence is essential. So, what’s the best way to utilize health care advertising successfully (which means more phone calls from potential customers in a time and cost-effective way)?

One of the best tools to help accomplish this is Google Local Services Ads for health care services. At BullsEye Internet Marketing, we specialize in getting our clients visibility in a way that stands out from the competition and leads to amazing results (aka where your phone rings consistently). These ads are one of the best advertising platforms – only available to specific businesses. 

Eligible companies include those in the home, business, health, learning, care, and wellness categories. From podiatrist advertising to chiropractor advertising, we’re a professional healthcare digital marketing agency that can utilize Google Local Services Ads to get your health care based business results! 

An example of eligible healthcare businesses are listed below: Within the healthcare category are  businesses, such as Google’s list below: 

  1.  Allergist
  2.  Chiropractor
  3.  Dentist
  4.  Dermatologist
  5.  Dietitian
  6.  Ophthalmologist
  7.  Optometrist
  8.  Orthodontist
  9.  Physical Therapist
  10.  Podiatrist
  11.  Primary care doctor

If you have a business on the list below and want to talk with one of the best health care ad agencies around, click here or call (954) 833-7365 for a free consultation with the BullsEye Internet Marketing team!

Why Use BullsEye Internet Marketing For Google Local Services Ads?

Our clients choose us because we provide everything you need to be successful with your health care advertising (whether you need physical therapy ads or dietitian ads). When you partner with BullsEye Internet Marketing, you’ll have more time to help patients, not worry about campaigns!

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at our Google Local Services Ads process.

Step 1 – Start with our free initial consultation – in this meeting, we’ll learn about your marketing objectives and current initiatives.

Step 2 – Next, we’ll get to work to research your competition so we can put together a strategy for your healthcare business!

 Step 3 – Lastly, we will design a custom solution to maximize your healthcare advertising results!

What’s Included in our Local Ad Service for Health Care Businesses?

When we handle your local services ads, we include everything necessary to ensure your phone rings! Our team will help you show up and stand out quickly! Below are just a few of the things we do to maximize incoming leads. 

Profile Audit

The first step with Google Local Services Ads is creating a profile. At BullsEye Internet Marketing, we will help you finish that process whether you have a current profile or need to begin from scratch. Our team is there from start to finish to upload images, navigate adding your business details, and complete the necessary background, license, and insurance checks.

Campaign Setup

Google uses AI to create your ad previews, which has value but is no match for our team’s custom approach. We will review your auto-generated ads and make any necessary adjustments to maximize your visibility and, ultimately, those coveted conversions!


At BullsEye Internet Marketing, we focus heavily on optimizing your marketing campaign. We monitor our client’s ads as often as daily to increase what’s working and adjust anything that’s not! We also manage lead disputes to ensure every dollar is spent on qualified leads. 

Reputation Management

The number of times your ads are shown is connected to reputation metrics, such as how quickly you respond to inquiries and how many positive reviews you have received. We help clients improve their reputation in Google’s eyes by collecting more five-star reviews and integrating badges that boost credibility, such as Google’s own “Google Screened” option.

Business Growth

During our free consultation, we want to understand your business and goals because we only work with healthcare businesses we believe will have a positive return on their investment with us. When you grow, we do too, so we monitor those increasing calls and sales that demonstrate real value, not generic metrics that don’t improve your bottom line!

Interested in learning more about our specialized healthcare digital marketing agency? Schedule your free consultation!


Click here or call (954) 833-7365 to get started.

What Makes Us Different?

    We’re not your typical healthcare digital marketing agency! Our team is committed to serving you with world-class customer service and integrity. We never require long-term contracts that hold you hostage, whether or not you see the results we outline, and we work with one company per industry per geographic area to ensure you (and not your competitors) get the best return on your investment with us! 


    Want to experience the BullsEye Internet Marketing difference for yourself? Click here or call (954) 833-7365 for a free consultation.

    Need more? You got it!

    BullsEye Internet Marketing is a Google AdWords Certified Partner. We know how to optimize Google ads to boost visibility and grow those incoming calls for our clients!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you know that you need better chiropractor advertising, podiatrist advertising, or any other health-based business ads but still have questions, we can help! Below is a list of our frequently asked questions and answers. 

    Still don’t see what you need? Click here or call (954) 833-7365 to talk with our expert team!

    How do I advertise my health care?

    If you’re looking for specific health care advertising (such as dietician ads), Google Local Services Ads is one of the best options. These ads are displayed above other paid and organic results, and they’re pay-per-lead (not pay-per-click). These two unique features mean that local services ads are highly effective and competitive regarding cost.  

    What is healthcare advertising?

    Healthcare advertising is simply advertising for health-based businesses. It could mean running physical therapy ads or using general health care advertising to drive incoming leads for your business. 

    What is the importance of healthcare advertising?

    Health care advertising is extremely important because gaining visibility and standing out from the competition is essential to hearing from potential customers regularly. With more than 95% of consumers starting their search for services and products online, utilizing a professional healthcare digital marketing agency to help you manage local services ads and other strategic marketing initiatives can be the difference between staying stagnant or growing exponentially!

    How is digital marketing used in healthcare?

    Digital marketing can help health care based businesses get in front of potential customers and patients that need what they offer. Google Local Services Ads is one platform available specifically for health-based (and other eligible) business categories. These ads are highly visible and cost-effective. 

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