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Google Local Services Ads for Pet Care Businesses

Pet owners spend more than $6 billion per year on their pets. And those potential clients for your pet care business are looking for you online. In fact, more than 95% of all searches for products and services start there! This means if you can show up in front of the right people (at the right time), you can talk to more pet lovers that need your services!

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Google Local Services Ads

You can expand your digital presence through website optimization, content creation, and pay-per-click campaigns. But as a pet care business, you’re eligible for something even better – a unique pay-per-lead option and the best pet advertising choice available today!

Google Local Services Ads are a powerful marketing tool exclusively available to specific business types, including home, business, health, learning, care, and wellness. 

Within the care category are pet care businesses, such as Google’s list below: 

  1. Animal rescues
  2. Pet adoption organizations
  3. Pet boarding facilities
  4. Pet grooming businesses
  5. Pet trainers 
  6. Veterinarians

If you own a business like those listed above and want to access the best in dog boarding advertising, dog grooming advertising, and more, local services ads are the answer!


If you’re ready to access the premier dog grooming advertising, dog boarding advertising, and more, click  or call (954) 833-7365 for a free consultation!

Why Use BullsEye Internet Marketing to Manage Google Ads for Your Pet Care Business?

If you’ve heard of (or tried) pay-per-click, then you know that every click costs, even if that click came from a competitor (or happened by mistake). Campaigns can be expensive, regardless of the results. At BullsEye Internet Marketing, we oversee our client’s ad campaigns because they want the best results and to spend time talking to new potential customers – not worrying about ads!

Our expert team has decades of experience (and client wins) and has been managing local services campaigns from the beginning. We know how to maximize Google ads for your pet care business. Our team will oversee every detail and track calls and conversions so you can see the immediate (and sustained) value we provide.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how we manage Google Local Services Ads, the best pet care advertising, for our clients!

Step 1 – The first step is a free initial consultation to discuss your marketing objectives.

Step 2 – Next, our team will go to work to research the competition and develop a unique strategy to help your business stand out!

 Step 3 – Once we know your goals and understand the competition, we will create a custom solution to maximize your Google Ads!

What’s Included in our Local Ad Service for Pet Care Businesses?

At BullsEye Internet Marketing, our services include everything you need to get the best possible results. We aim to help you show up, stand out, and hear from more potential customers! 

Below are some ways we boost visibility with the best pet advertising around.

Profile Audit

Setting up a profile is the first step to using Google Local Services Ads. And we can help you complete that step, whether you created something before or need to start from scratch. Our team will guide (and support) you every step of the way, from entering basic information to adding images and completing a required background, license, and insurance check.

Campaign Setup

Google Local Services utilizes AI to generate ads using your general profile details. However, our team takes a hands-on approach to customize your ads, helping you stand out from the crowd!


From pet grooming advertising to dog boarding advertising, optimization is essential. Our expert team routinely checks our client’s accounts to review what’s working and fix what’s not. We also handle any lead disputes that may arise to ensure you only pay for inquiries that are valuable to your business.

Reputation Management

Managing your business reputation matters to Google. That’s why being responsive to leads, collecting great reviews, and using credibility boosters (like Google Screened) are so important. And why our experienced team will help you navigate those opportunities and more to increase the number of times your ads are shown!

Business Growth

We work exclusively with pet care businesses we know will have a positive return on their investment. We want you to see growth, so we track calls and sales that measure the success of working with BullsEye Internet Marketing!

Are you ready to experience the best in dog boarding advertising, dog grooming advertising, and more? Schedule your free consultation and ask us about Google ads for pet care businesses!

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What Makes BullsEye Internet Marketing Different?

     If you’re looking for the best pet advertising agency, you need one like BullsEye Internet Marketing, which is built on integrity. We don’t make impossible guarantees that are too good to be true. We will let you know (before we work together) exactly what to expect – including the anticipated increase in calls and sales! If we’re not the best fit for you, we’ll be upfront about that too!

    We opened in 2006 and have remained successful because we get results for our pet care clients. We’re so confident in our knowledge that we don’t require long-term contracts that make you pay whether or not you see growth. Our clients stay with BullsEye Internet Marketing because they are happy with their success year after year!

    Additionally, we only work with one company per industry per geographic area. This promise provides a significant advantage over your local competition because we exclusively focus on boosting your visibility, whether in the U.S., Canada, or the UK!

    Lastly, we provide world-class customer service. We are uncommonly responsive to our clients, day and night, because they are the priority!

    Need more? You got it!

    BullsEye Internet Marketing is a Google AdWords Certified Partner, which means we know how to maximize the best pet advertising option around and boost your visibility on the world’s most popular search engine!


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I advertise my pet care business?

    The best pet advertising option is Google Local Services Ads. If you own a business below, you’re eligible for this exclusive pay-per-lead opportunity under the care category.

    • Animal rescues
    • Pet adoption organizations
    • Pet boarding facilities
    • Pet grooming businesses
    • Pet trainers 
    • Veterinarians

    To learn more or for a free consultation, click here or call (954) 833-7365.