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Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Making It Easy For You To Understand What Your Customers Do When They Visit Your Site

What Is Google
Tag Manager?

Have you ever seen a shark documentary where a biologist attaches a tag to a shark in order to see where it goes? Scientists commonly do this to track and analyze the shark’s behavior. Believe it or not, the tags used through Google Tag Manager, also known as GTM, work the same way.

Google Tag Manager allows you to track what your customers do when they visit your website. Google Tag Manager, or GTM, tracks many activities, including:

  • PDF Downloads
  • Link Clicks
  • Form Submissions
  • Scrolling Behavior
  • Video Activity
  • And So Much More!

With this information, you can maximize the results of your digital marketing strategies. Google Tag Manager lets you track and analyze the performance of your metrics while providing the information you need to update and upgrade your digital marketing efforts consistently.

How We Make Google Tag Manager Easy

At BullsEye Internet Marketing, we know how busy you are running your business. The last thing you have the time to do (or want to do) is to teach yourself about digital marketing and how to manage and interpret your performance through new software.

For this reason, our Google Tag Manager implementation specialists offer their expertise and services, so you don’t have to worry about effectively analyzing your digital marketing.

We help you by:

  • Creating Your Google Tag Manager Account
  • Ensuring All Of Your Sites Are Properly Tagged
  • Managing Your Tags
  • Analyzing Results And Providing Actionable Feedback

With Google Tag Manager, you can get an unimaginable amount of helpful information. Not only do we help you set up and manage this necessary digital marketing tool, but we also closely analyze your site’s performance to help you determine how to optimize your marketing strategies.

Why Is Online Reputation Management Important?

Successful internet businesses attract new clients by establishing a reputation for being dependable, efficient, and trustworthy.

Establishing your strong online reputation is crucial to creating a brand image that encourages customers to learn more about you and what you do. An outstanding reputation online translates to real-world sales, which is why it’s so important.

In today’s internet-driven business world, a company’s level of success is primarily determined by how customers view your brand online. That’s why building trust and credibility for your business online is the focus of online reputation management.

Numerous organizations have websites and social media accounts, but that doesn’t mean they come across as trustworthy or legitimate. You need the support of an experienced and accomplished digital marketing agency to ensure you stand out from competitors and develop a strong (positive) reputation.

Why Google Tag Manager For Digital Marketing?

Google Tag Manager offers a simple and direct solution to understanding your current and potential customers. Rather than dealing with code (which is like a foreign language to most of us), Google provides an easy and intuitive resolution.

Ultimate Flexibility

Google Tag Manager offers countless ways to better understand the behavior of those who visit your website and other digital platforms. Going further, you can customize tags to provide the information you determine to be the most useful. Some of the most common ways businesses use Google Tag Manager are:

⦁ Tracking Conversions
⦁ Analyzing Web Traffic Behaviors
⦁ Remarketing To Customers Who Have Already Shown An Interest

The best part is you can change up your strategy whenever you need. For example, did you decide to add a new performance metric to your marketing strategy? No problem! You can add and alter tags as you see fit to best serve your digital marketing needs and results.

Worry-Free Data Collection

When collecting data, many things can go wrong – and when something unfortunate happens, you risk losing the valuable data that helps you make informed decisions regarding your marketing strategy.

Luckily, you do not need to worry about that when using Google Tag Manager! There are many “safety checks” in place to ensure the data collected by your tags are safely stored – so you never miss an opportunity to improve!

Google Tag Manager offers user-friendly error checking and ensures your tags load fast enough in order to keep pace with the needs of your web platforms. So, you’ll never have to stress about the collection and safety of your most important data. Instead, rest easy knowing that your website is running efficiently and smoothly.

More Than Just Google Tags (GTAG)

One of our favorite features with Google Tag Manager is that it allows you to add or change your tags as often as you need. What’s even better is that you use both Google and third-party tags, which helps keep all of your data in one simple-to-use and easy-to-analyze location.

Google Tag Manager’s stress-free and customizable templates make it easy to understand how Google makes your data work for you. But you don’t need to worry about this too much – we take care of the backend odds and ends.

But it is helpful to know that you’ll quickly understand the information acquired from collected data when presented!

Made For Collaboration

Two heads without exception are always better than one – and Google completely understands the significance of that statement. As a result, there are plenty of ways to share information from Google Tag Manager across multiple access points.

In simple terms, if you want a first-hand look or prefer a more hands-on approach to your Google Tag Manager data, it is easy to see the data and tag features we create, implement and manage for your business.

Google Tag Manager in Real Terms

You don’t need to understand the finer details of digital marketing or technology to understand how Google Tag Manager maximizes your strategy. All you need to know is that Google Tag Manager uses triggers, or specific behaviors, to collect valuable data.

These triggers include:

When you’re ready to start tracking the most valuable information provided by your web platforms, we are here to help!

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