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How To Add Your Business To Apple Maps

by | Mar 12, 2023

In this article, we’re explaining how to add your business to Apple Maps. But before we jump in, let’s talk about why Apple Maps matter!

For most of us, traveling to a new address involves using an app like Google Maps. It’s so simple – and helpful – to put in a location and follow simple turn-by-turn instructions to get there! And while many of us are familiar with Google Maps, Apple Maps has been around since 2012 and is quickly growing (and evolving) to become more of a competitor in the space.

Apple Maps has over 100 million adult users who rely on the app to reach their destinations. And thanks to a 2023 relaunch that incorporated Apple Business Connect (ABC), the app gives businesses an opportunity to utilize a listing that rivals a Google Business Profile!

If you own or manage a business, you can (and should) add a free listing on Apple Maps that puts you in front of new people who are looking for what you offer. Don’t miss out on this powerful marketing tool that can introduce you to more people and increase those phone calls from prospective customers!

Apple Maps

How To Add A Business To Apple Maps – Step-By-Step Directions For A New Business

Ready to get started? Keep reading to learn more about adding a listing to Apple Maps and how to set yours up today. From getting an Apple ID to verifying your business and optimizing your Apple Maps listing, we’ll walk you through all of the steps to get on this awesome platform!

Create An Apple ID

To add a business to Apple Maps, you’ll first need to have an Apple ID. While many people have this because they already use Apple products, it’s easy to get started if you don’t. 

Visit https://appleid.apple.com and follow the instructions to create a new ID. Be prepared with a phone number you want to be connected to your ID, as the process requires two-factor authentication to complete.

If you use an Apple phone or computer, you likely already have an Apple ID and can use it to begin the process of adding your business to Apple Maps

Begin Your Business Listing At Apple Business Connect

Once your Apple ID is set up, you can access Apple Business Connect at https://businessconnect.apple.com/. At the top right corner of the page, you’ll see a sign-in option, which is where you’ll enter your existing (or new) Apple ID details, including the username and password. 

Once logged in, it’s time to search for your business using any of your primary business data, such as your name and city, the phone number of your business, etc. 

If you don’t see your business on Apple Maps, not to worry! Apple will prompt you to start the process of creating your new listing. Look for the option that says, “add a new location with this name.” Once you’ve selected that option, you’ll be able to begin entering your business details, including the name, phone, address, and exact location. If you’re not sure of your location coordinates (which is one of the questions), use the pin to drag and drop it in the right place, and Apple will do the rest!

Next, you’ll be able to add more details to your Apple Maps business listing, such as your business category and website address. Don’t skip through these essential details, which all work together to help people who are looking for what you offer find you before the competition!

Once you’ve completed your basic details, be sure to share the information that will be important for your potential customers to know – such as your business hours and any additional locations (if you have more than one).

Lastly, you’ll need to accept Apple’s terms and conditions with one final checkbox. 

Congratulations – when you reach this step, you’ve officially completed your basic listing on Apple Maps!

Get Verified

Once you’ve completed your basic listing on Apple Maps, you’ll need to go through a verification process. This step is crucial because it helps decrease spam listings on the platform (making it more trustworthy as a place for potential customers to find you)! It’s also an excellent way to ensure that only the actual business owner has the right and ability to control listing details.

You can get verified by uploading a document that includes your business name and address, such as your lease agreement or a bill you’ve received at your business address. This step is usually easy but not always immediate. Expect to wait up to five business days for your verification to go through. (Skip ahead if you’re claiming an existing business listing, as other options are available to you to speed up the verification process).

Once you are approved, it’s official! You now have a business listing on Apple Maps that you can start building and using to connect with more potential customers who are searching for what you offer!

Optimize Your Listing

Once you’re verified, you’ll have access to the complete Apple Business Connect dashboard. The comprehensive dashboard includes additional features to expand your business listing, such as the opportunity to add photos, business attributes, and more. You can also add information about special events or offers that may entice potential customers to visit your website or contact your business. Don’t skip this critical step that will help you stand out from the competition!

How To Add A Business To Apple Maps – Step-By-Step Directions For An Existing Business

For an existing business, you’ll follow many of the steps listed above, including using or creating an Apple ID to get started. Once your Apple ID is established, you’ll visit Apple Business Connect at https://businessconnect.apple.com/ and use it to sign in at the top right corner of the page.

From this step, you can use any of your key business data (like your name and city or primary phone number) to search for your business. Select the choice that matches your business name and address from the drop-down options and click next.

You can follow the same steps from the new listing to add your business details, category, hours, and more. You’ll also follow the steps to get verified, but for an existing business, you’ll have an additional option to verify your business by phone, which is quicker than the upload verification required for new business listings on Apple Maps. Choose whatever method works best for you, and you’re good to go!

Don’t forget that crucial step after you’re verified to fully complete your business listing with photos, business attributes, and other features available in the dashboard that will help you stand out (and hear more from potential customers)!

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’ve added your business to Apple Maps, what’s next? Keep reading for a list of frequently asked questions and answers, including how to update and manage your listing in the future.

How do I get my business on Apple Maps?

To add your business to Apple Maps, you’ll need to start with an Apple ID. You can use an existing ID or create a new one if needed. To set up a new Apple ID, visit https://appleid.apple.com.

Once your Apple ID is ready, go to Apple Business Connect and search for your business. You can add a new listing if your business doesn’t show up in the list of options. If your business is listed, you can select the correct choice with your name and address to begin the process of claiming and completing your profile. Either way, the next step is to complete the information on your listing, including the business name, address, location, hours of operation, and more. Click accept on Apple’s terms and conditions, and your listing is ready to be verified. 

To get verified (a process that helps eliminate spam and ensure you have the rights to manage your business listing), you can upload a document for review that contains your business name and address – common items include a utility bill or lease agreement. You may be able to get verified by phone if the business was already listed on Apple Maps, which is an easier and faster option.

Don’t forget to optimize your listing with photos, business attributes, special events or offers, and more after you’ve been verified and have access to the complete Apple Business Connect dashboard!

Do businesses pay to be on Apple Maps?

Getting listed on Apple Maps is a fantastic way to find more potential customers, which is why you may be surprised to learn that it’s completely free. Don’t miss the opportunity to utilize this great resource to show up more often – to more people – who are looking for what you offer!

Why doesn’t my business show up on Apple Maps?

Chances are, if your business isn’t showing up on Apple Maps, it’s because your listing hasn’t been created yet. While some businesses get automatically added with basic information, many require the business owner to add and verify it manually. 

If you can’t find your business on Apple Maps, follow the process to add it and complete a listing. You’ll need an Apple ID (either existing or new) to visit and log in to Apple Business Connect

Once on the Apple Business Connect page, you can search for your business. If you don’t see your business listed, select the option to “add a new location with this name.” From there, you’ll be able to add primary details (such as an address, phone number, and business hours), then get verified and add more unique information, such as photos and business attributes. It’s best to fill out as much information as possible to help you stand out from the local competition and so that your potential customers can learn about your business quickly – right from your listing!

How do I manage my business on Apple Maps?

Once you’ve added your business to Apple Maps, don’t just set it and forget it. You’ll want to manage your business profile by keeping information current and adding new business photos, offers, and more. 

To manage your business, you can go back to Apple Business Connect at https://businessconnect.apple.com/. Once signed in, you can review your business listing and make changes. In addition to basic details like adding new hours or updating a location, you can also highlight special offers and events that may attract more attention from potential customers. 

You may also want to manage users who have access to your listing or track analytics in the Apple Business Connect dashboard, both of which are valuable tools for your business and team.

How do I change my business information on Apple Maps?

If it’s time to change your business information on Apple Maps, you can visit the Apple Business Connect page at https://businessconnect.apple.com/. Once signed in with your Apple ID, you can update your basic information (such as new hours or a new address) and add temporary information, such as special events or offers. 

How do I optimize my Apple Maps listing?

An optimized listing is a completed listing because it helps your business be found and can give users enough information to make a decision to contact you. During the Apple Maps setup process, you can enter basic details such as your business name, contact details, and address – but don’t stop there.

After you’ve been verified, you can add much more information, including photos, business attributes, details on special events and offers, etc. Take advantage of these great opportunities to highlight your business and attract more attention.

In addition, be sure to update your Apple Maps business listing routinely and remove any outdated specials. Potential customers won’t be impressed by seeing end-of-year offers when it’s February or March, so have a process in place to routinely update and correct your Apple Maps listing. It’s the best way to optimize your profile and increase your potential for new customers.

Does anyone actually use Apple Maps?

Most of us are familiar with a Google Business Profile, and you may think it’s the only player in town. The reality is that Apple Maps has been around since 2012 and, thanks to some new updates, is quickly increasing its presence (and giving Google a run for its money).  

With more than 100 million adult users on the app, the answer to “does anyone actually use Apple Maps” is a resounding YES! And that number is increasing, which means getting your business on Apple Maps is a huge (and free) opportunity to reach more potential customers every day. 

Follow our instructions for adding your business to Apple Maps and add this valuable resource to your marketing toolkit.

How do I fix my business list on Apple Maps?

The best way to fix incorrect details on your existing Apple Maps listing is to sign in to your Apple Business Connect account at https://businessconnect.apple.com/, using your Apple ID. From there, you can view your profile and make changes, such as updating your contact information, removing outdated offers, and more. 

If you notice a business listing on Apple Maps for your business that is incorrect – but that you haven’t claimed or have an account for, you need to start the process from the beginning. Start with your Apple ID (or follow the easy steps above to create one), then go to Apple Business Connect and search for your business. Select the correct option and click next. From there, you can follow the steps above to complete verification and make the necessary changes.

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