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How to Set Up Google Local Services Ads

by | Jul 27, 2023

How to Set Up Google Local Services Ads

by | Jul 27, 2023

If your business offers products or services, people are looking for you on the web. How can we be so sure? Because 97% of people start looking for what they need online! And with daily searches reaching the billions on Google alone, we are confident that when you show up in the right place at the right time, you can dramatically grow your business!

Google Local Services Ads is a fantastic tool that can help you gain that coveted visibility – at the exact moment someone local is looking for you. With this guide, we’ll cover the what and the how to getting started with Google Local Services Ads and getting the best results for your business.

Google Service Ads

What are Local Services Ads?

Before we jump into the step-by-step guide to setting up Google Local Services Ads, let’s cover what they are (and what they are not). 

Google Local Services Ads is a pay-per-lead service that connects your information with related online searches. You won’t pay-per-click like other paid advertising services, which means these ads provide a big bang for your marketing bucks!

When these ads are displayed, they show up in a big way, thanks to the fact that they appear above other search engine page results (including organic and other paid options). And when you are the first thing someone sees, the odds of them contacting you goes up!

Additionally, Google offers two unique badges that you can utilize (with some eligibility exceptions) if you complete and pass related background, insurance, and license checks. These green badges help boost consumer confidence – and overall visibility – and are called Google Screened and Google Guaranteed. Businesses in the service category are eligible for Google Guaranteed, which provides a money-back guarantee if someone books through the local services ads and is unsatisfied (with certain limitations). 

Another difference between traditional advertising and Google Local Services Ads is who can use them. While most businesses can create an account and utilize pay-per-click, local services ads are only available to businesses in six categories. 

These categories include home, business, health, learning, care, and wellness. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of the businesses in each of those specific groups:

Home Services

Appliance repair services
Carpet cleaner
Countertop services
Fencing services
Flooring services
Foundations services
Garage door services
General contractor
Home inspector
Home security services
Home theater services
House cleaner
HVAC services
Junk removal services
Lawn care services
Moving services
Pest control technician
Pool cleaner
Pool contractor
Sewage system services
Siding services
Snow removal services
Tree services
Water damage services
Window cleaner
Window repair services

Business Services

Business lawyer
Contract lawyer
Criminal lawyer
Disability lawyer
Estate lawyer
Family lawyer
Immigration lawyer
IP lawyer
Labor lawyer
Litigation lawyer
Malpractice lawyer
Personal injury lawyer
Tax lawyer
Traffic lawyer
Real estate agent
Financial planner
Bankruptcy lawyer
Tax specialist

Health Services

Physical Therapist
Primary care doctor

Learning Services

Beauty school
Dance instructor
Driving instructor
First aid training
Language instructor
Massage school

Care Services

Animal rescue
Child care
Funeral home
Pet adoption
Pet boarding
Pet grooming
Pet training

Wellness Services

Personal trainer
Weight loss center
Yoga studio

If you own or manage a business like those listed above, you’re eligible for Google Local Services Ads, which can help you hear from more people who want what you do!

So let’s dig in deeper with a guide on how to set up your first Google Local Services Ads.

Step By Step Guide to Local Services Ads

If you’re new to Google Local Services Ads, we’re here to help. Keep reading for a simple guide to getting started with LSA. 

Step One – Verify Your Eligibility

The first step to using local services ads is to verify that your business is eligible. Google Local Services Ads is an option for businesses that fall into specific categories, including home, business, health, learning, care, and wellness. 

Below are a few examples for each category. To view the complete list, visit the previous section or Google’s LSA page

Home – includes contractors, carpet cleaners, house cleaners, roofers, movers, and more. 

Business – includes attorneys in different categories, tax specialists, financial planners, and real estate agents.

Health – includes certain doctors, dieticians, dentists, physical therapists, and more.

Learning – includes schools such as beauty, massage, dance, preschools, and tutors.

Care – includes pet care like boarding, grooming, and training, as well as childcare and funeral homes. 

Wellness – includes personal trainers, weight loss centers, yoga studios, and acupuncturists.  

If your business aligns with one of the categories listed above, congratulations! You are eligible to use Google’s powerful pay-per-lead tool!

Step Two – Create Your LSA Profile

Thanks to Google’s simple process, getting started with local services ads is easy. First, verify and select the category that best matches your business, then answer the questions as prompted. Expect to complete information related to your company name, owner’s name, website, address, years in business, operating hours, and more. Depending on your business type, you may also need to confirm that you hold the correct licensing for your industry. 

After completing the essential details and questions, you can add additional highlights to help you stand out (Google recommends two to five). Highlights provide extra information for your potential customers, such as whether you’re minority-owned or offer discounts in some instances (such as for veterans). This step is super important and can boost your conversions, so don’t skip it before moving on!

Review Your Ads 

Once you’ve completed your local services ads profile, Google will generate previews for you to review. This option means that if you choose to accept the recommendations, your ads can be created seamlessly. While using the AI tool is a good place to start, we always suggest you carefully review each ad and make any adjustments to help you stand out from the competition.

Choose (And Set) A Budget

If you’re curious about the cost of local services ads, you can use Google’s simple cost calculator. You can get an instant estimate with basic information like the zip codes you want to serve, the number of leads you want to receive each month, and your selected category. After your ads begin running, you can adjust your budget up or down (and update other profile details) as needed through the account dashboard. 

Complete A Background Check

Often before your ads go live, a background check is required to ensure you (and any relevant employees) pass the legal and insurance requirements necessary to run local services ads. The good news is that the process is completely free, and you can monitor progress along the way. 

Once your checks are completed, and you’re approved, your ads will display a bright green badge that is a powerful conversion boost! The first badge is Google Screened, and the second (available for specific business types) is Google Guaranteed. 

Both of these designations can help your ads stand out and signal to potential customers that you have been reviewed and approved by Google directly! And with Google Guaranteed, customers can even request a refund if they are unhappy with your service, giving them additional confidence to try your business.

Talk To More Customers

Now that your ads are running – expect to answer more phone calls. In fact, plan on it because it’s part of a successful local services ads strategy. Google monitors your response times, so don’t forget to monitor any place your potential customers reach out – such as by phone or text – and answer their inquiries quickly. 

Positive reviews are another success factor and metric that Google measures. Once inquiries become happy customers, don’t forget to ask them to share their satisfaction with a five-star review!

Optimize Your Ads

Ongoing attention and optimization of local services ads are essential for the best results. If you’re unsure how to improve your profile, ads, search terms, and conversions, talk to an experienced marketing agency like BullsEye Internet Marketing. We help our clients stand out and rise to the top with Google Local Services Ads (LSA) management and optimization that builds your online presence efficiently and effectively!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve shared the basics of Google Local Services Ads, but if you want more, below are commonly asked questions (and answers)!

If you want more, contact our team at bullseyeinternetmarketing.com to learn more about LSA or to get a free consultation. 


How do I set up Google Local Services ads?

Using Local Services Ads on Google is simple but only available if you have a specific type of business. So before starting anything, you must verify that local services ads are an option for you!

After verifying your eligibility, choose your business category from Google’s LSA page and start your profile. You’ll need basic information such as your business contact and owner information, hours of operation, etc. You’ll also need access to any required licensing for your industry.

Highlights can be added after the basic details have been completed, and Google recommends at least two to five. Highlights are additional details that may help someone decide to work with you, such as if you offer discounts to veterans, are minority-owned, etc. 

Once your listing is finished, you can preview ads using Google’s AI tool that pull details from your profile. You can also use Google’s simple calculator to set a budget. The tool requires the zip code (or codes) of the areas you want to serve and your desired leads per month. Once you supply that information, you’ll get an instant range to choose from to achieve your leads goal. 

One of the final steps of local services ads is to complete a background check. Google completes the process, and there is no charge to you. After your background check is done and you receive approval, your ads will include Google Screened or Google Guaranteed designations (and have a bright green check). Both badges are huge trust-builders for potential customers, and the Google Guarantee consists of a money-back guarantee within specific guidelines. 

Once your Google Local Services Ads are running, respond quickly to any inquiries and consistently ask for positive reviews. Google tracks both of these metrics, and when done well, they positively boost your ad exposure!

Are Google local service ads worth it?

Absolutely. If you’ve used pay-per-click ads in the past, you may have experienced lots of traffic with little results, leading to frustration and lost marketing dollars. Google Local Services Ads are a totally different option for businesses. The platform uses a pay-per-lead solution, meaning you only pay for incoming inquiries from potential customers. And you can set precise parameters to limit who qualifies as a lead. 

In addition to paying for leads (not clicks), Google Local Services Ads offer the highest possible visibility because ads are displayed above pay-per-click and organic search results. This placement means that when someone searches for what you offer, your ad could be the very first thing they see!

You’ll also notice that leads are matched exclusively with local searchers, meaning you’re getting in front of local people who want exactly what you offer. 

Lastly, Google Local Services Ads incorporate unique badge options: Google Screened and Google Guaranteed. While you have to undergo strict background checks to qualify, once you’re approved, these bright green additions to your ads can go a long way to help you stand out even more. The badges represent to consumers that you’ve undergone a screening from Google (and that you’ve been approved). It adds credibility to your business, and with Google Guaranteed adds a money-back guarantee if someone books your service through the platform. There are some amount and eligibility limitations, but regardless of whether you utilize Google Screened or Google Guaranteed, your potential customers will immediately see a business that has Google-backed credibility, improving the conversion rate over other ad options!

How do I generate leads in Google local services ads?

Before you can begin generating leads with Google Local Services Ads, you need to verify your eligibility. These unique ads are only available to businesses in specific categories, such as home, business, health, learning, care, and wellness. We included the complete list of eligible business types above, but you can also verify directly on Google’s LSA page

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, you must complete a profile. For this process, expect to answer general questions such as business name, location, hours, years in business, and more. Don’t forget to add business highlights that help you stand out (such as special discounts or minority ownership)!

With local services ads, there is an additional step that is different from other platforms, and that is the background and license verification process. Completing this will help you gain a bright green Google badge (either Google Screened or Google Guaranteed) on your ads. While Google Guaranteed is the most robust accreditation, it is only available to certain businesses. Either of these badges helps increase your visibility and credibility – leading to more conversions!

Now that you’re ready to run ads, you can preview AI-generated options and set your budget. If you’re unsure of what to select, use Google’s simple cost calculator to help you get started. With a few basic details, you’ll get a recommended range to achieve your ads goal.

Once your ads run routinely, don’t forget to answer the phone and reply quickly to any inquiries. Google measures your responsiveness and reviews, so be sure to ask your customers to leave those as well. Staying proactive about your response and growing your reviews will ensure your ads are displayed as frequently and consistently as possible!

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Ronnie Katz

CEO & Founder of BullsEye Internet Marketing

Consultant & Practitioner of SEO, PPC, and all things Digital Marketing. Passionate about my industry, and I have loved helping businesses succeed for 18+ years. You can find me when I’m not working (which is not very often) at Blues, Rock, Smooth Jazz & Americana concerts.

Ronnie Katz: BullsEye Internet Marketing

Ronnie Katz

CEO & Founder of Bullseye Internet Marketing

Consultant & Practitioner of SEO, PPC, and all things Digital Marketing. Passionate about my industry, and I have loved helping businesses succeed for 18+ years. You can find me when I’m not working (which is not very often) at Blues, Rock, Smooth Jazz & Americana concerts.

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