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Is Getting Your Business “Google Guaranteed” Worth It?

by | Apr 12, 2023

Signing up for Google ads can be exciting! With more than 95% of potential customers starting their search for products and services online, it’s no surprise that most business owners see the value in online advertising that can introduce them to hundreds of potential customers!

But along with deciding what advertising option to choose (or options), it can be challenging to know what additional steps to take to maximize your marketing. Should you increase your budget? Use pay-per-click campaigns? Advertise on social media? All of the above?

Getting Your Business “Google Guaranteed”

One of those extra steps you may be considering is to become Google Guaranteed. Google Guaranteed offers many benefits but also comes with strict requirements, which prompts the question – is getting your business Google Guaranteed worth it? 

The short answer is yes, but keep reading to learn about the pros and cons of Google Guaranteed, who is eligible, and how to get started! 

What are Google Local Services Ads?

Before diving into Google Guaranteed, it’s essential to understand how they work with Google Local Services Ads. Specific users of these ads are eligible to complete the Google Guaranteed process. Once approved, a bright green Google Guaranteed check will appear on ads. 

So what exactly are Google Local Services Ads? They’re a unique ad service available to distinct business types. And unlike traditional pay-per-click, you only pay for leads with Google ads after they contact you via call, booking, or message. 

Another great feature of these ads is that they’re displayed at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). A searcher first sees local services ads, not pay-per-click or organic results, making them highly visible! In addition, Google ads are specifically targeted to local users, making them extremely relevant to people in your area and highly valuable for your business.

Most businesses can use pay-per-click advertising, but Google Local Services Ads are only available to businesses that fall into six categories. Those categories include home, business, learning, care, wellness, and health services. If you own a business that qualifies, then Local Services Ads could be a great addition to your marketing plan – and the best way to hear from more potential customers that need your services!

What is Google Guaranteed?

Google Guaranteed provides a guarantee for customers that choose to work with your business. If unsatisfied with your services, they can request a refund from Google through the program. 

As a result, businesses with the Google Guaranteed green check tend to be attractive to consumers. Not only does it mean Google backs you, but it also signifies a stamp of approval and that you’ve undergone a rigorous verification process to receive the designation. 

Benefits to Google Guaranteed:

When you’re Google Guaranteed, you have an advantage over the competition. Below is a short list of how Google Guaranteed can help you convert and talk to more potential customers (the ultimate goal)!

Boosts Credibility

When your name is listed next to other businesses, it can be challenging for consumers to know who to choose. But when your name has a prominent green check signaling that your business is Google Guaranteed, it can instantly boost your credibility. 

The Google Guaranteed process is lengthy and requires an actual review of your business, licenses, team, and more. It’s not something you can buy or fake, making it all the more important!

Builds Confidence

Consumers are constantly bombarded with ads that say they should choose a particular business or product. And at the end of the day, they can lose trust and confidence in who to choose. But with Google Guaranteed, a third-party money-back guarantee can instill enough trust to choose you. 

That third-party quality isn’t coming from an unknown name either – with Google standing behind you, the value is clear!

Stands Out

Even though Google Local Services Ads are displayed at the top of search engine page results (SERPs), your ad will still show alongside other businesses in your local area. It can be hard to stand out unless you have a big green approval check and the competition doesn’t!

With Google Guaranteed, you’ve taken an extra step to get a prominent visual that sets you apart (in all the right ways)!

Increases Ad Display

Google cares about the credibility of your business. Going through the certification process, maintaining your standing by replying quickly to leads, and adding positive customer reviews can work wonders for your ads. 

Take the time to complete the Google Guaranteed process and give Google all the reasons possible to boost your ads to more local searchers!

Improves Conversions

Thanks to the items we’ve mentioned above (like increased confidence, visibility, and ad displays) that can come from Google Guaranteed, you’ll have the opportunity to maximize your conversion rate. 

When consumers see you, trust you, and know that Google backs your business, they are more likely to contact your business over the competition!

Steps to Getting Google Guaranteed

Curious about what it takes to get Google Guaranteed? The first step is determining your eligibility for Google Local Services Ads and Google Guaranteed. 

Local Services Ads are only available to businesses in the following categories:

Home Services – i.e., home security, plumbing, and contracting businesses.

Business Services – i.e., attorneys, accountants, financial planners, and realtors.

Learning Services – i.e., massage, beauty, pre-schools, and tutoring businesses.

Care Services – i.e., child, pet, and veterinary care businesses.

Wellness Services – i.e., personal trainers, acupuncturists, and yoga studios.

Health Services – i.e., dental practitioners, physical therapists, and primary care doctors. 

And Google Guaranteed is only available for businesses that fall into the home services category. Other companies can take advantage of the Google Screened designation.

Below is a list from Google of businesses they list in the home services category (and those eligible for Google Guaranteed):

  • Appliance repair services
  • Carpenter
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Countertop services
  • Electrician
  • Fencing services
  • Flooring services
  • Foundations services
  • Garage door services
  • General contractor
  • Handyman
  • Home inspector
  • Home security services
  • Home theater services
  • House cleaner
  • HVAC services
  • Junk removal services
  • Landscaper
  • Lawn care services
  • Locksmith
  • Moving services
  • Pest control technician
  • Plumber
  • Pool cleaner
  • Pool contractor
  • Roofer
  • Sewage system services
  • Siding services
  • Snow removal services
  • Tree services
  • Water damage services
  • Window cleaner
  • Window repair services

For home services companies, setting up your business profile is the first step to getting Google Guaranteed. You’ll be required to answer questions about your business, including years in business, hours, etc. 

You can also add highlights to help you stand out, like if you offer veteran discounts or are minority-owned. Google recommends adding two to five highlights for best results. 

During the process, you’ll be asked to set a budget. You can use Google’s quick calculator if you’re unsure where to start. Simply enter the zip code (or zip codes) of the area(s) you want to serve, your business category, and the number of leads you want each month. You’ll instantly receive a recommended budget range!

While the general information is critical, the following steps secure the coveted Google Guaranteed designation. First, you’ll be required to complete a background check, which includes uploading your personal details and typically a photo of your driver’s license or passport. 

Depending on your business, you’ll also upload license, insurance, and location verification for review. While the process may take a few days (up to a few weeks), you can track the progress while you wait. And you may be asked to add additional details as needed. Once all your information has been reviewed (and approved), you’ll be notified that you are good to go (congratulations)! That means that your ads will now be visible, and you should start hearing from interested potential customers. 

Be sure to respond quickly to all incoming inquiries to keep your account in good standing (and ads showing up consistently). And once those great leads become happy customers, remember to ask for reviews! Both steps can result in more conversions and increase the number of times your ads show up. 

Follow these steps and enjoy the benefits of local services ads backed by Google Guaranteed!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve unpacked the benefits of getting Google Guaranteed, but keep reading for more commonly asked questions and answers.

Don’t see the questions or answers you need? Contact our team at www.bullseyeinternetmarketing.com to learn more about Fully Managed Google Local Services Ads (LSA) and getting your business Google Guaranteed. 

What is the difference between Google Screened and Google Guaranteed?

The Google Screened process is similar to the Google Guaranteed steps business owners must follow. Both require background checks and can require proof of licenses and insurance. But location verification is only necessary for companies applying to be Google Guaranteed. 

Additionally, Google Guaranteed is the only option that offers a money-back guarantee to customers that are dissatisfied with your service or work. 

While any business approved for local services ads can become Google Screened, only companies that fall into the home services category are eligible for Google Guaranteed. 

How to get Google Guaranteed?

To get Google Guaranteed, a company must first verify its eligibility for local services ads. Currently, ads are open to businesses in six categories, including those in the home services, business services, learning services, care services, wellness services, and health field. 

After verifying eligibility and selecting it, you can begin setting up your business profile. The profile includes general information about your company, such as years in business, contact and hours information, owner details, and more. 

Once the basic details are done, you can add highlights like minority ownership or veteran discounts. Google recommends adding two to five highlights to help your business stand out and improve ad-matching potential.

Next, you can review ad previews, which Google will automatically create using AI. Once you approve your ad previews, select a budget (and add your payment information). If you’re not sure what budget to start with, you can use Google’s simple calculator. Entering simple information like targeted zip codes and the number of desired leads per month will give you an instant quote to help you set your limit. 

Now that your account, ads, and budget are set, you can start your verification process to become a Google Guaranteed business. This process requires a background check and uploading identification, license, insurance, and location verification. This step takes time, but you can track progress along the way. After getting your background approval notification, you will see a bright green check on your ads – indicating Google officially guarantees you! 

How does Google guarantee work?

For businesses that complete the necessary steps and pass verification checks, Google will provide a guarantee to consumers that booked through local services ads. A customer must submit a request within 30 days of service, and certain limitations apply. For example, a claim can’t be for an amount higher than the original invoice. And there is a maximum available for reimbursement, $2,000. 

Additionally, customers can’t request reimbursement for things like price disputes or items covered by insurance or warranties. 

Does my Business Qualify For Google Guarantee?

Businesses in certain categories are eligible for local services ads, including:

Home Services like security, plumbing, and contracting businesses.

Business Services like attorneys, accountants, financial planners, and realtors.

Learning Services like massage, beauty, pre-schools, and tutoring businesses.

Care Services like child, pet, and veterinary care businesses.

Wellness Services like personal trainers, acupuncturists, and yoga studios.

Health Services like dental practitioners, physical therapists, and primary care doctors. 

Out of the categories above, only those in the home services are eligible for Google Guaranteed. The rest can apply for Google Screened.

What Are The Benefits of Google Guarantee for Businesses?

One of the most significant benefits of Google Guaranteed for business is standing out above the competition. But there are many more ways that Google Guaranteed helps you hear from more people consistently, including those listed below. 

  1. Credibility is another benefit of Google Guaranteed. Consumers don’t always know who to choose when faced with multiple options. But a bright green check next to your business name that says Google is backing you can quickly boost your credibility, especially because the process requires verification of your business, licenses, team, and more.
  2. Confidence in choosing you increases when your services come with a money-back guarantee. And that’s exactly what Google offers with this service, which gives consumers the push they often need to choose you over a competitor.
  3. Standing out is critical when you’re competing in your industry. And while you may offer the best service or pricing, consumers can’t tell that from a short ad that may look similar to others. What they can see is a big green check of approval from Google and a guarantee that you’re different (in all the right ways)!
  4. Google is obsessed with your business reputation, so going through a certification process, replying to leads quickly, and adding positive customer reviews all matter. As does taking the time to complete the Google Guaranteed process. Together, these steps will increase your ad display, getting you in front of MORE potential customers.

Is Google’s Guaranteed Badge Worth Getting?

Yes! Stop running more ads that don’t convert or spending too much on marketing that doesn’t provide a return on your investment. Almost 100% of potential customers start their search for products and services online – most often on the world’s biggest search engine – Google

Often, all those searching people don’t know which company to choose. And the best way to have them pick you is to stand out from the crowd. Google Guaranteed helps you do that. It also adds credibility and confidence, knowing that choosing you comes with a money-back guarantee. 

You will have to complete a verification process before becoming Google Guaranteed (to check your background, license, insurance, and location). However, doing so is well worth the upside to standing out and giving confidence to potential customers!

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