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If you’re like 97% of people, you start online when you need a new product or service. It makes sense! Thanks to Google and other search engines, potential customers can be connected to companies that have what they want instantly.

At BullsEye Internet Marketing, we want those searches to lead more customers to you! We use pay-per-click to help make that happen. In fact, we were one of the first adopters to use pay-per-click for our customers, which means we know exactly how to make you stand out from the competition and get fast results (like actual phone calls and sales)!

If you’re ready to answer more calls from potential customers using pay-per-click

Pay Per Click Management

Why ChoosePay-Per-Click Management?

Our clients choose our PPC agency because we consistently deliver a return on their investment. When your business ranks at the top of the search results, potential customers are more likely to notice you first and call you over the competition.

Unlike another PPC agency, we began utilizing PPC services early, so we know how to get more interested customers calling you, resulting in more sales. We don’t simply measure clicks and website visits – we track actual calls and conversions in real time, so you know that your dollars are resulting in sales (often in the first month)!

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how we help our clients reach
their goals with Pay-Per-Click!


The first step is our free initial consultation where we’ll ask questions about your business and PPC goals.


Next, we begin researching the competition and industry, along with keywords and PPC traffic for each targeted area. We specialize in helping you stand out from the competition!


Once we understand your goals, budget, and the competition, we develop a custom solution to ensure you get a return on your marketing investment.

What’s Included in our PPC Services?

As a PPC specialist, we will help your phone ring off the hook with prospective customers that want what you offer! Below are a few ways we make that happen.

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to answer more phone calls from potential customers?

What Makes Us  Different?

At BullsEye Internet Marketing, we are a no-BS kind of company. We only work with clients if we determine in advance that we can get them an exceptional ROI. And we’re not a PPC specialist that considers clicks a win. We want to get your phone ringing and increase your sales, period!

Before you sign up with our PPC agency, we’ll show you exactly what’s not working if you’re already running ads and the number of calls you can expect when you work with us. We specialize in figuring out how to make you stand out from your competitors, so we get our clients more phone calls at a lower cost per lead using PPC over any other form of paid advertising.

BullsEye Internet Marketing was an early adopter of PPC, which means our pay-per-click company has been getting exceptional results for our clients for decades. And, unlike other pay-per-click management companies, we do not rely on automated systems. Over 98% of our process is manual and hands-on because even though it takes more time, we know that we get our clients more sales and leads and a lower CPA using our proprietary system over the automated, plug-and-play systems other PPC agencies use.

We’re so confident we’ll bring value to your business that we don’t require long-term contracts. We want you to be a client because of the results we deliver for you, not because you are stuck with us!

Another benefit of working with our pay-per-click management company is that we’re loyal to you and your business! We only work with one company per industry per geographic area, giving our PPC clients a huge competitive advantage.

We deliver world-class customer service! Our clients are surprised by how responsive we are, and our PPC specialist team is always ready and willing to help if you need us. We’re so hands-on that we’ll even respond after hours!

Pay-Per-Click Management Company

Need More?  You got it!

BullsEye Internet Marketing is a Google AdWords Certified Partner, which means we know what we’re doing when it comes to Google. Not only do we offer a wealth of experience, but our clients benefit from advertising with us and receiving custom-tailored, expert PPC consulting and business advice from a team that’s been doing this since the beginning.



What is the difference between Professional Service Ads and Local Services Ads?

Professional Services Ads are available to businesses in the automotive, credit card, cruise, health insurance, professional services, and tours and activities spaces. They are available through Microsoft and are vertical ads displayed on Bing.

Local Services Ads are available to businesses in the home, business, educational, wellness, care, and dental service categories. Local Services Ads are available through Google and are a pay-per-lead option (not pay-per-click).

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Are Professional Service Ads worth it?

Yes! Results show that users see an increase of 60% in conversions when using Professional Service Ads (over traditional text ads) and a more than 60% decrease in cost per acquisition. These statistics are a great reason to invest in Professional Services Ads from Microsoft if you’re eligible.

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