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We use retargeting to keep your customer’s eyes on your brand!

Retargeting Can Help YOU Show Up And
Your CUSTOMERS Coming Back!

Our ad retargeting strategies are designed to help your business target prior website visitors with display advertisements that keep them coming back repeatedly. We specialize in custom-tailored ad retargeting on Google and Facebook that:

Increase Visibility  |  Increase Traffic  |  Increase Attribution

What is Retargeting?
For Paid Search services?

You already know, even if you think you don’t! Retargeting, also known as remarketing, are ads that remind potential customers about your company. Retargeting ads are for people who have already interacted with your company by visiting your website or clicking on a link from one of your digital ads.

Our ad retargeting services help you stay in touch with people who have already shown an interest in your brand. It’s like leaving a little breadcrumb trail for prospective customers wherever they go.

Do you ever feel like ads are following you around? They are!

Did you know the average sale takes at least FIVE sales pitches to close? That means seeing your ad once isn’t going to cut it. You need ad remarketing services to remind people to revisit your website.

Research shows that people visit a website multiple times before buying something. Remarketing ads increase the chances that someone will click through to your website and finally open their wallet.

Paid Search

Why Use Ad
Retargeting Services?

Setting up retargeting ads can be challenging! You need to install pixels, analyze data, and have a strategy in place that works. At BullsEye Internet Marketing, we have retargeting down to a science, and we’ll do everything for you so you can focus on growing your business.

Retargeting ads work best when aligned with your website’s branding. This way, people will not be interrupted by sales ads. Instead, they will have a more natural and organic experience. We’ll help you ensure that your content, designs, and overall messages are prominent across all applicable ad platforms.


Market to People Who Are Already Interested!


People visiting your website are likelier to buy than anyone else. This is because they have already shown an interest in what you offer. Retargeting is the ultimate ‘warm leads’ closer. With the retargeting specialists at BullsEye Internet Marketing, we’ll help you maximize those leads and get the ROI you’ve been dreaming about.

We Do It All!


Let our full-service company take care of your campaign. We’ll design the ads, install pixels on your website, and optimize campaign performance, so you don’t have to worry about anything!

Our specialists have worked with countless clients to create successful retargeting ad campaigns in the USA and Canada. Are you next?

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