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Click to Call Advertising & Marketing Agency

If you’re looking for advertising that connects you with consumers fast, click-to-call ads may be your new best friend – here’s why. More than 95% of people start their search for products and services online, and more than 50% of today’s internet traffic utilizes a mobile device! 

With traditional advertising, like pay-per-click, a user commonly ends up on a business website. There, they’ll have to make a second decision to submit a form or call you. The advantage of click-to-call Google ads (and other options like click-to-call Facebook ads) is that someone who comes across your ad can click one button and instantly be connected via phone!

At BullsEye Internet Marketing, we maximize our client’s lead generation using click-to-call advertising options. If you want to hear your phone ringing more often, our click-to-call advertising and marketing agency is the best place to start!

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Why Use BullsEye Internet Marketing For Click-to-Call Advertising Services?

Because we’ll get you results! Our team has decades of experience and success for clients using click-to-call marketing alongside other services. We provide everything necessary to maximize Facebook and Google Ads (click-to-call) and others to achieve exceptional results.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the process that’s made us a leading click-to-call advertising and marketing agency.

Step 1 – We always start with a free initial consultation to explore your goals and ensure we’re the right fit.

Step 2 – Next, we research your competition and build a unique strategy to get your phone ringing.

Step 3 – Finally, we develop a custom solution to optimize your click-to-call campaign, Google ads, and more!

What’s Included in our click-to-call service?

Results! From our free consultation to research, campaign, and landing page design to ongoing optimization and reporting, we are your complete solution for click-to-call marketing.

What’s The Best Click-to-Call Advertising Option?

Click-to-call advertising can be used on various platforms and marketing channels to maximize the number of direct phone calls you receive! Here are some common places where we can utilize click-to-call advertising for your business:

Search Engine Advertising: Platforms like Google and Bing allow you to create ads with click-to-call functionality. When users search for relevant keywords, they can click on the ad to directly call your business.

Display Advertising: Display networks like the Google Display Network offer click-to-call display ads (within banners). Users can click on the ad and initiate a call without leaving the website they’re browsing.

Mobile Advertising: Click-to-call is especially effective in mobile advertising. You can incorporate click-to-call buttons or phone numbers directly into mobile ads on platforms like Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, or mobile ad networks.

Social Media Advertising: Many social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, provide options for click-to-call ads. These platforms allow you to target specific audiences and encourage them to call your business directly.

Email Marketing: Including click-to-call links or buttons in your email campaigns can provide a convenient way for recipients to contact your business quickly. This option is especially useful for mobile users who may prefer calling rather than typing.

Websites and Landing Pages: Implementing click-to-call buttons on your website or landing pages can help visitors initiate phone calls with a single click. This can be beneficial for driving conversions or providing customer support. Our team can help you integrate these actions into your landing page designs.

Directory Listings: If your business is listed on online directories like Google My Business, Yelp, or Yellow Pages, we can update accurate contact information with click-to-call functionality. This enables users browsing these directories to reach out to your business easily.

Remember that the availability and implementation of click-to-call advertising may vary depending on the platform or advertising network you choose. Our team will help you understand each platform’s specific advertising options and features and determine the best strategy for your success!

What Makes Us Different?

We’re not your typical click-to-call advertising and marketing agency! Our team is dedicated to operating with integrity, we never require long-term contracts that hold you hostage, whether or not you get results, and we only work with one company per industry per geographic area to bring you the best return on your investment (never the competition). Lastly, we’re committed to providing world-class customer service!

Need more? You got it!

BullsEye Internet Marketing is a Google AdWords Certified Partner. We know how to optimize local Google click-to-call ads (and other click-to-call marketing) for our clients to boost their visibility – and those incoming phone calls! 

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