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How Can Website Analytics Help
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Google Analytics

Whether you need more digital sales or want to convert your internet marketing efforts to phone calls, measuring your digital marketing’s effectiveness is a must!

Understanding how current and potential customers interact with your digital presence is the only way to identify opportunities for improvement.

The truth is that most (in fact, almost all!) of today’s consumers research your business online before picking up the phone or deciding whether to make a purchase. If your digital presence doesn’t serve that purpose, it’s not an investment – it’s an expense.

The good news is that effective analytics can help ensure your digital marketing efforts will be used wisely.

What Is Google Analytics 4?

Most business owners with a website have heard of Google Analytics. However, Google Analytics recently introduced the latest upgrade, and its name is Google Analytics 4!

Whether you need to install Google Analytics or ensure that your switch to the latest upgrade is (or was) successful, BullsEye Internet Marketing is here to assist you and your business! We set up Google Analytics 4 accounts, analyze data collected from your site, and offer feedback on optimizing your digital marketing efforts.

The most recent version of Google Analytics is Google Analytics 4. With this brand-new generation of web analytics, marketers can examine crucial client usage indicators far more thoroughly beyond simply measuring traffic.

Google Analytics 4 uses AI and machine learning to deliver more in-depth insights into how customers engage with your website and platforms while tracking the complete customer journey across various digital outlets.

How Is Google Analytics 4 Different
From The Last Version?

Google Analytics 4 is a complex upgrade from Google Universal Analytics, the previous version. There are a few key differences that completely change how analytics are collected and interpreted.

Here’s what you need to know:

A Different Way To Collect Data

In the past, Google Analytics collected data based on sessions. These sessions measured a customer’s behaviors concerning a single visit to your website. Now, Google Analytics 4 focuses on events, which include actions such as:

  • Button Clicks
  • Cart Additions
  • Page Views
  • Logins
  • And Much More!

This form of data collection requires a new understanding of the collected data. Our Google Analytics experts know precisely how to interpret and provide feedback in response to Google’s improved style of collecting web data.

New User Tracking

Google Analytics 4 collects and analyzes data along the entire navigation path of a single digital visitor. In addition, the new user tracking doesn’t only track behaviors across your website; it tracks user data across all devices!

This change also alters how your website’s tracking data is collected and reported. Our Google Analytics consultants know how to read and understand this new method of reporting accurately. So you won’t have to worry about learning an entirely new set of reports.

Upgraded Metrics

Metrics are one of the most effective ways to determine the success of your internet marketing plan. Understanding the metrics that Google Analytics presents is crucial in determining if your strategies are serving your goals.

Google Analytics 4 adds new metrics (like engagement sessions) while eliminating others they deemed ineffective. Because Google’s forms of measurement and criteria have changed, you need a digital marketing partner that is as flexible and agile as the platform itself.

Bullseye’s Google Analytics Consultants make it our mission to be in the know of every change coming with Google Analytics 4.

Google Analytics 4

How To Set Up Google Analytics 4
With BullsEye Internet Marketing


We know that your days are busy running your business, and the last thing you want to do is spend countless hours learning how to efficiently and effectively use Google Analytics 4.

BullsEye Internet Marketing makes it easy for our clients to make digital work for them. After all, if it isn’t helping you achieve your goals, then what’s the point? Here is a quick look at how we set up your Google Analytics 4!


A Free Consultation

Get started on your Google Analytics 4 setup with our complimentary consultation. This worry-free meeting doesn’t require any commitment! Instead, it’s an opportunity for us to learn more about your business and your goals.


Identify Opportunities

After developing a deep understanding of your business and desired results (increased digital sales, more phone calls, etc.), we help you find new opportunities for growth and success through the Google Analytics 4 platform.


A Customized Digital
Marketing Plan

Once we’ve identified how Google Analytics 4 can best serve your business, we create a fully customized digital marketing strategy!

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