Don’t forget to call BullsEye. I just closed a $20,000 window contract and waiting on a $33,000 window contract. All from the internet. We never did retail and were paying a fortune to advertise traditionally. This is not a SERVICE MAGIC or other. You just pay them for the phone to ring! Scroll below and see the types of resorts we get. It tracks our phone and internet leads.

– ES
Pampano Beach, FL

Thank you for the amazing job you have done promoting my business. It is hard to trust people these days but you have proven otherwise.I cannot believe that I had made back my monthly advertising cost after just one week and the rest of the month is all profit. You have made a believer of me and I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to profit from their business.

– LS
Miami, FL

Last month and the month before were the best months we’ve had since the economic collapse of 2008 and we owe it all to our internet advertising. The frequency and quality of our inquiries keeps rising and we have the results to show for it.All areas of business is tough and competitive and ours is no exception. Maintaining and increasing one’s market share requires a team effort. I believe that we could not have achieved what we had done with any other internet marketing provider.I have recommend Bullseye to my business associates and friends in the past and will do so in the future.

– DL
Los Angeles, CA

Bullseye Internet Marketing has opened completely new segments of the market to our company. Through our campaign, we have found a previously unfulfilled demand for our products within various segments of consumers. Each week customers and restaurants call us that we never knew existed. We previously used AT&T Yellow Pages and got under 15 calls per month. With Bullseye we are generating nearly 100 unique calls per month. With our newly designed website and market campaign, we couldn’t be more confident and comfortable with the future of our company.

– BS
Fort Lauderdale, FL

…We began with BullsEye Internet Marketing on a 90 day trial basis. During this period we were very satisfied with both the service and the results. However, we were not al all happy with the management fee which we thought was too expensive. Besides being too expensive was the fact that you required it to be paid 3 months in advance. So we terminated your company. We went with one of the larger firms, specifically Yodle also on a 90 day trial basis. They seemed to offer some additional services as well as having quoted us a $69.00 management fee payable monthly. As we near the completion of that 90 day trial basis with them, what we have learned is that; not only have we received fewer calls as compared to your service, more importantly the quality of the calls seems to have been lower.The net result for us was less activity and closing less cases from the calls we did receive.I am looking forward to renewing our relationship.

– HS
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Our Law Firm is greatly appreciative of the exemplary services provided by BullsEye Internet Marketing. Not only have our scheduled appointments for potential new clients increased by 30%, but the business promotion strategies and website design devised by BullsEye have proven invaluable to the continued growth of our law practice.The Proprietor of BullsEye, Ronnie Katz, is always readily available to dicuss any issues that arise, and will reliably expend whatever time and effort is required to resolve any matters of concern or implement any necessary changes or updates. Our Firm would highly recommend BullsEye Internet Marketing to other Law Firms and businesses.

– RF
Toronto, Ontario

Over the past 7 years, working with yourself and the staff at Bullseye Internet Marketing has been a pleasure. Your knowledge of the industry and how your gift of communicating what’s necessary to be successful has proven to be a winner. With all the different avenues on the internet such as social media, SEO, PPC, content, etc. I am not ashamed to admit we here are lucky to have your guidance. I consider myself a hard sell, I notice myself more often than not calling to pick your brain on different situations and scenarios.I wish you the best in an ever so changing industry.

– GG
Pompano Beach FL

Bullseye Internet Marketing has been a time-honored supplier of our dental office since 2005. Within several weeks of initiating the web campaign, which was uniquely designed to compliment our office structure, the patient database has immensely increased from 30 new patients monthly, to well over 70 patients per month.Amid these novel modern-day times, technology is the key marketing component to the survival of any business enterprise. Without the competent, guidance of Ronnie Katz, in conjunction with his internet expertise and detailed analysis tracking system, our dental office would not be thriving to the extent that it has, generating an exorbitant amount of new business for our dental practice.As the Business Manager and Marketing Director of the practice, I extremely recommend the adept, dependable and excellent services of Ronnie Katz and Bullseye Internet Marketing!

– MR
Delray Beach, FL

In 2012, our business was established. Upon inception, we employed Ronnie & Sherry Katz at Bullseye Internet Marketing to design and build our website, and manage our Internet marketing campaign. From the moment we launched online, the phone calls and email inquiries have been constant! We are “Extremely” happy and fully satisfied with their services. Since our first month in business, sales have increased on a consistent monthly basis and 90% of our customers are generated through Bullseye.With Bullseye Internet Marketing monitoring our operation behind the scenes, our Internet presence has been greatly enhanced. Their knowledge and expertise of the mechanisms in the technology industry, has kept our company current in the marketplace.In this ever-changing, electronic age, we can rest assured knowing that our website and Internet programs are in “good hands.” We have hit the “Bullseye” with Ronnie and Sherry on our team!

– MR
Pompano Beach, FL

Writing to thank you sincerely for everything BullsEye has accomplished for our campaign to date. Since we went live, we have received 13 E-Mail Leads and 39 unique phone call leads, an impressive total of 52 unique leads!Thank you again for all your work, we are very pleased to be with BullsEye!

– TL
Dundas, Ontario