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web analytics services
Web Analytics make it possible to determine the success of your internet marketing strategy. So let the experts at BullsEye Internet Marketing make it easy for you! We are a best-in-class web analytics agency!

There are plenty of ways to learn how successful your digital marketing efforts are, and the most efficient way to collect and examine this information is through digital analytics. Many search engines, such as Google and Microsoft, have analytics platforms like Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, and Microsoft Clarity.

Other analytics tactics, such as Call Tracking, provide even more information regarding how well your marketing converts into real-world sales. Whether you use only one or multiple analytics tactics and platforms, there is no denying that they can provide a wealth of information your business needs to make better-informed decisions regarding your business and its marketing plan.


Why Should You Use Web Analytics For Your Business?

Any and every business benefits from having relevant information – regardless of size. Using web analytics provides countless benefits, including:

Measuring Your Company’s Website Traffic

Website analytics provide a wealth of information regarding the traffic to your site. This data includes:

  • The source of your visitors
  • How they behave on your website
  • How much time do they spend on your websites and platforms
  • The number of users and visitors on your website at a single time

After analyzing the available data, you can quickly identify the operations contributing the most significant profit to your bottom line. In addition, website analytics help businesses make more efficient use of their time and resources by tracking how organic and paid traffic has changed over time.

Tracking And Optimizing Digital Campaigns

Attaching unique and traceable links to your various marketing campaigns provides valuable information for online and offline marketing campaigns. In addition, you can learn more about how your potential and existing customers receive these marketing campaigns with analytics.

Tracking and examining the data provided by one of these analytics platforms allow businesses to uncover marketing efforts with high ROIs – allowing business owners to invest in the marketing strategies that make their company the most money.

Improving Your Website And Web Services

A business can identify issues with its website and services using website analytics. For instance, a poorly designed or confusing sales funnel will result in fewer purchases and lower revenue for an online company.

When visitors are on your website, they must find the relevant content they are looking for as quickly as possible. Developing unique landing pages for various objectives could also be helpful. Monitoring the effectiveness of the mobile versions of your website is one way to improve the user experience.

Increasing Your Sales

There are countless benefits provided by web analytics. So much of the information your business collects provides incredible insight into your customers, target market, customer behaviors, and so much more!

With this information, you can make critical business decisions that increase your sales. In addition, as your website and digital marketing efforts collect more data, you develop a better understanding of your customer’s journey and experience.

Tracking Business Goals

Companies can set up specific targets to track using web analytics. Active goal measurement enables faster event response through data.

Along with setting goals, it’s critical to understand which ones each business should be tracking. A company may have trouble because they track too many goals, and not all digital marketing goals are created equal.

How BullsEye Internet Marketing Maximizes Your Business’s Potential With Analytics

At BullsEye Internet Marketing, a leading digital analytics agency, our experts have extensive knowledge and expertise of today’s most important digital analytics platforms. Our comprehensive understanding of these platforms and their benefits allows us to provide a wealth of information to our clients.

This information makes it much easier and less risky to make decisions regarding your business and your marketing strategies. Not only do we create initial analytics accounts for our clients, but we also offer full-scale reporting – this means you will not have to worry about constantly checking in on your analytics.

Our current analytics services include platforms such as:

Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics is a tool that gathers information from your apps and websites to provide reports that give you insights into how well your business is doing. This analytics platform provides countless amounts of information, including:

  • Enhanced Tracking of customer journeys
  • Improved analysis of user engagement
  • Larger audiences for your advertising initiatives
  • More sophisticated user tracking and privacy features
  • Enhanced reporting and visualizations
  • Many different parameters

Our experts help you collect and examine the data collected from your website to make it easier to make decisions regarding your business and marketing goals.

Call Tracking

Call Tracking is perfect for businesses that rely on their offline marketing, website, and online marketing to generate more phone calls. Our call tracking services allow you to determine the source of your customers’ calls while providing recordings, transcripts, and even email updates to provide useful call tracking information in real-time.

Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft Clarity is a behaviors analytics tool that displays the areas of your website that receive the most significant activity. Microsoft Clarity transforms user data into visual insights. It provides capabilities like dashboards, heatmaps, session replays, and rage clicks and dead clicks that make it simple to assess user-annoying problems. At BullsEye, we collect, analyze, and provide actionable advice for your analytics.

Google Tag Manager

You can add and edit your own tags for conversion tracking, website analytics, remarketing, and other purposes using Tag Manager. These “tags” provide a reliable and convenient way to collect the information that lets you know how your customers interact with your websites and digital platforms. Our experts help businesses set up and manage their Google Tag Manager to ensure they get all the essential information.


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