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Why You Should Upgrade Your Website

There are a lot of reasons you should upgrade your website. Your website needs to be upgraded and changed from time to time. Whether it is an external reason, like a change in digital landscapes, or an internal reason, like new business growth, website upgrades are necessary to maximize the desired results you want from your website.

Website upgrades include much more than what your visitors see. Sure, you need the words and visuals to make an impact and provoke certain behaviors from visitors that may become customers, but there is more to effectively upgrading your website than meets the eye. In addition, many unseen, upgraded features on your business’s website have an even more significant impact.

Do You Need Website Upgrades?

The answer is almost always yes unless you have just redesigned or upgraded your website. Website upgrade services are an essential part of housekeeping for any business, regardless of size. Even if you do not sell your goods and products online, the benefit of a well-designed and upgraded website has a meaningful impact on your business.

When Should You Upgrade Your Website?

The most straightforward answer to how often you should upgrade your business’s website is: as often as it needs. Of course, some upgrades, such as minor changes, may need to be changed more frequently, while full-scale website upgrades should be completed every two to three years.

Your website needs updating whenever it no longer helps your company reach its optimal marketing or business goals. One of the most important reasons to upgrade your website is to maintain or increase your website’s search ranking.

You may not realize it, but your website’s search ranking is the main contributor to its digital success – and without a properly functioning and well-designed website, your digital presence will be in trouble.

How BullsEye Internet Marketing Helps Small Businesses Upgrade Their Websites

Our team of web design experts at BullsEye Internet Marketing is well-versed in upgrading and redesigning a website for success. Aside from making your website look fantastic and providing an excellent experience for your visitors, we understand what makes your website effective and successful in reaching your goals.

There are various ways to upgrade a website, and every business has unique needs and expectations. These differences are why we offer our clients a complimentary consultation. We take the time to develop a deep knowledge and understanding of your business, its challenges, and its goals.

Each website upgrade is completely customized and tailored to your business’s and your website’s needs. After all, no two identical approaches will succeed for two completely different companies.

When we upgrade your website, we consider many different potential upgrades, including:

Site Structure

Believe it or not, the navigation of your website and where (and how) you store your data and folders significantly impact your search ratings. Our experts optimize the structure of your website to ensure it positively affects how well your website performs on a search engine.

Back-End Updates

Most business owners don’t understand the importance of a well-functioning backend to their website – and we don’t blame them. That requires a lot of information that doesn’t directly impact your daily operations, and you most certainly have more important things to do.

Instead, let our team examine how your website functions behind the scenes. For example, we ensure your URL and hosting structure is consistent so Google and other essential web search engines don’t question the reliability and trustworthiness of your website – both of which significantly impact the ranking of your website.

Changing The Content On Your Website

Your content is one of the most essential features of your website. Not only does it engage and determine your visitors’ behavior, but it also plays a vital role in search engine delivery and ranking. Therefore, it is critical to have fresh changes made to your content on a regular basis to achieve the highest search engine ranking possible.

These changes include deleting content that is not bringing the right customers to your website, changing existing content to be more effective, and adding content when necessary. Small changes can bring significant results when implemented correctly.

Changing Images

A web page’s relevance in a search engine is often impacted by changing images and their names. You can modify the photos for your top pages while keeping the same number of images to maintain top rankings.

Determining if, how, and when to change the images or number of images on your website is best left to the experts – like us! We ensure that all the images on your company’s web pages work with your goals, not against them.

Altering Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions may not be as crucial to your search ranking as other aspects and features of your website. Still, they play an important role in influencing visitor behavior, dramatically affecting your website’s conversion power.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with our web design team to ensure your meta descriptions effectively serve your website’s goals. They provide the answers that translate to actual results for your business goals.

Maximizing Page Speed

How fast your pages load is a critical factor in how well your website performs on today’s search engines. Finding the underlying issues is often a challenge if you notice your pages are running slow.

Our team helps you determine the cause of slow-loading pages. With our help, you will find what is making your website move slowly, and we’ll have it fixed in no time.

Optimizing Mobile Websites

Mobile websites play a more crucial role than ever in today’s fast-paced world. While your website may look great on a web platform, if it doesn’t look and function just as well on your visitors’ phones, you can guarantee they won’t spend much time exploring your website.

How Can You Get Started?

This is the easiest part! To get started on upgrading your website to ensure more traffic, increased conversions, and a better visitor experience, contact us today!

We will schedule a complimentary consultation that is convenient for you.



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