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Who Are We?

We can tell you we truly are “The Good Guys,” but more importantly our clients can tell you as well. We would love the opportunity to show you why. Our most frustrating problem is getting businesses to give us the opportunity to show them who we are and how much we can help them. Our main focus is getting our client’s phones to ring with qualified potential customers who are looking for their service. We will prove to you how we can get your phones to ring bringing you a very profitable return on your investment. Our services work so well that we do not require long term contracts. Our clients beg to stay with us! LOL }  You will be able to see and hear every phone call that you receive through BullsEye so you can be certain you are making money from our services. If you know ahead of time that you can make money from this marketing investment and not be stuck in a long term contract …. What do you have to lose?




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What Are The Major Differences Between BullsEye & Our Competitors?

  • We get our clients more phone calls from prospective new clients for less money compared to any other form of paid advertising. { Get ready to answer those phones!!!
  • Before becoming our client we will show you how you are not showing up when prospective clients are searching for your services online.We will have you showing up for thousands of search phrases that you should be showing up for!
  • We will also tell you in advance how many estimated phone calls you can expect each month and how much it will cost{ How many companies out there will let you know how many leads you can expect in advance?… I can’t think of any! }
  • We not only focus on making your phones ring but make it a priority to get high quality phone calls from potential clients that are looking for your services/products in the geographic area that you serve.
  • We only work with one company per industry per geographic area which gives our clients a competitive advantage.
  • We provide you with 24/7 reporting of all phone calls, emails and forms that you receive so you can be certain your marketing investment is making you money.
  • We are so confident in our capabilities that we do not require long term contracts! We do not want to lock you into being our client just because of a contract. We want you to be our client, for many years to come, based solely on the results we get for you.
  • We are a Google AdWords Certified Partner.
  • World class customer service! We constantly surprise our clients with how responsive we are to their needs. It is not unusual for us to respond to them even after hours or on weekends. { We are so hands on we might be bugging you after hours!  }
  • Besides our expertise in advertising online Bullseye offers a wealth of business experience. Our clients benefit from advertising with us as well as receiving  consulting and business advice.
  • BullsEye Internet Marketing offers one stop shopping for all your Internet Marketing Needs.
  • Bullseye only takes on clients if we determine in advance that there is a good chance of getting them a very profitable Return On Investment (ROI).

How Do We Do This?

We start with a Free Initial Consultation. During this consultation we will ask you questions in order to fully understand your business and objectives.  We then take this information and extensively research the competitive landscape in order to offer you the best possible solution. { No cookie cutter approach for us!  } If we determine that we cannot achieve a profitable return on investment for you we will not take you on as a new client. We have turned away many potential customers with pie in the sky ideas. Our focus is getting your phones to ring from potential new customers so you can gain new business and make money from your marketing investment.

Why Are We The Good Guys?

A major obstacle that BullsEye has to overcome is the negative reputation that the Internet Marketing Industry has earned. There are so many companies trying to sell their advertising services to as many new clients as possible with no regard to whether they can actually help them make money. Think of all the spam emails you receive daily that say for $100 we will get you on the first page of Google. { Run fast! Save that $100 & go for a nice steak dinner!  }

This is one of the reasons that our competitors require long term contracts. BullsEye does not have our clients sign long term contracts — our clients stay with us for years because they are making money! { Don’t believe me? Try us & see! }

Another reason search engine optimization companies have caused businesses to have negative opinions regarding our industry is that they optimize their clients websites without gathering enough information beforehand. SEO companies typically optimize the most popular search terms in their industry without knowing whether these terms will actually make their client’s phones ring. They rate their success by the number of visitors (traffic) they bring to their client’s websites. This is wrong!

A business should grade their SEO results based on the number of leads they receive. Does it really matter how many website visits you have if your phones are not ringing!? In fact, before you become a client of ours, we will not only tell you the cost, but we will also provide you with the number of monthly leads that you can expect! WE WILL get your phones to ring!

Why Are We The Experts?

BullsEye Internet Marketing was founded in 2006 in order to help businesses such as yours make money!! We have found that other than word of mouth, Internet Marketing is the most cost effective way to acquire new customers. We are experts at figuring out the best way to promote your business online. When potential customers are searching for your services/products online we make certain that you can be found! We have more than 18 years of experience with Internet Marketing, making us pioneers in the industry. This enables us to advise our potential clients the best route to take when marketing online. We are a one-stop shop that has the expertise to handle all of your Internet Marketing needs.

We provide our clients with full accountability by providing them with 24/7 phone call reporting. This enables you to see actual results versus the number of estimated leads we provided to you in advance. Additionally, our clients receive an email in real time informing them each time they receive a phone call. This email includes a recording of the call so you can monitor the quality of the leads you receive from BullsEye. Why wonder when you can know for sure! }

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