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Bullseye Internet Marketing

A Different Kind Of Digital Marketing Specialist

No long-term contracts. Just results.

We’re the Good Guys


What does being a “good guy” mean in digital marketing? It means doing what we say we will do and never using over-the-top promises, gimmicks, or long-term contracts to get (or keep) your business.

We get your phone to ring with qualified potential customers – period.

And the great news is that you don’t have to take our word for it! Our clients stay with us (and sing our praises) because they get REAL VALUE from our passionate and dedicated team. It’s why we don’t require long-term contracts and are transparent with our data (down to recording, sharing, and assessing every phone call to ensure you’re getting legitimate leads for your marketing dollars)!

Would you want to learn more if you knew you would make money and never be stuck in a long-term contract?


If yes, book a call with our team for a free consultation! There’s nothing to lose!

Our Unique Difference

Different is good! We’re proud to be unlike other digital marketing companies. Here are just some of the ways we stand out.

How We Do It!

Research, Knowledge, And Integrity

We start any potential client relationship with a Free Initial Consultation. During this consultation, we ask questions to fully understand your business and objectives. Next, we extensively research the competitive landscape to offer you the best possible solution (we never take a cookie-cutter approach)!

If we determine that we cannot achieve a profitable return on investment for you, then we let you know before you sign up! Our focus is getting your phones to ring from potential new customers so you can grow and make money from your marketing investment. Your success is our success!

Digital Marketing Company

Many digital marketing companies try to sell their advertising services to as many new clients as possible, whether or not they’re a good fit! You’ve probably received these spam emails that say you can be on the first page of Google for $100 (trust us, that’s never the truth)! It IS one of the reasons many competitors require long-term contracts, and we don’t. We’re honest about what we can do up-front, and our clients stay for years because they’re making money!

Another shortcut other agencies take is optimizing websites without gathering enough information beforehand. SEO companies typically optimize the most popular search terms in a given industry without knowing whether these terms will actually make their client’s phones ring! They rate their success by the number of website visitors they generate, which may or may not add value.

Does it really matter how many website visits you have if your phones are not ringing!? No! And it’s why we not only tell you the cost before you start working with us but also provide the number of monthly leads you can expect. WE WILL get your phones to ring!

BullsEye Internet Marketing was founded in 2006 to help businesses like yours make money!! And we have found that other than word of mouth, Internet Marketing is the most cost-effective way to acquire new customers. As industry pioneers, we have become experts at figuring out the best way to promote your business online.

We offer full accountability with tools like 24/7 phone call reporting. This lets you see actual results versus the number of estimated leads we provided in advance. You’ll also receive an email in real-time informing you each time a call comes in (and the recording allows us to monitor the quality of each incoming call)!

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